Scorpio/Aries: She is hella cool, but can be obnoxious at times.

Scorpio/Taurus: She’s really Sweet, but never listens to me, ever.

Scorpio/Gemini: I have no words………………………..she’s all over the place. She’s annoying.

Scorpio/Cancer: One of the only people I can actually talk to, but she really needs to grow some thicker skin, or at least act like it.

Scorpio/Leo: I really don’t like her. At all. Obnoxious, Her way always, No.

Scorpio/Virgo: Virgo is cool, I love her humor. She can be a nerd at times but so can I. We are pretty good friends.

Scorpio/Libra: She can be cool at times, she acts too…I don’t know, fake, at times too though.

Scorpio/Scorpio: The Best ever. She’s amazinggg, gorgeous, Scorpios for the win.

Scorpio/Sagittarius: She is my friend, but sometimes she needs to just calm down! I want to stay inside and she is always making me go out! She annoys me, a lot.

Scorpio/Capricorn: She’s cool and chill. I like her. Nice to talk to.

Scorpio/Aquarius: UH…..weird, but she is uh, weird, and um, weird.

Scorpio/Pisces: Yea, Pisces is my good friend. I can actually talk to her. Sometimes she gets all awkward though.

(Don’t take seriously! For humor purposes. These are extremely stereo-typed because I feel like not every Scorpio thinks the same of every sign! Everyone is different.)

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