Libra : Hey, Leo can we talk?

Leo : sure, why not?

Libra : I think we make a good team and we have been friends for a bit..but..and

Leo : Your wondering if I would go to that lame dance with you…

Libra : What?!? How did you know?

Leo : Because I’m freaking psychic, that’s why. Yea, sure I’ll go with you. :)

Libra : You better dress up nice and bring me a pretty corsage AND bring a limo ;) *walks away*

Leo : heh, okay- wait! What! I didn’t agree to that limo part!

—————————— Later

Leo : hello, my lady, you look ravishing, almost as good as me.

Libra : thank you! I think. Shall we go?

Leo : Yes, we shall.

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