Pisces : *texts Taurus* Hey sweetie? Can you Meet me at the Park at 6:00?

Taurus : Absolutely :)

—————— At park —————

Pisces : ok, keep your eyes close!

Taurus : But I don’t want to!

Pisces : stop being so stubborn. Okay, now look.

Taurus : Omg! It’s beautiful *A romantic table is set up outside and a blanket to watch the stars* I could of just made us a home cooked meal though…

Pisces : It’s no problem. *kisses Taurus’ forehead*

Taurus : I love you so much….

Pisces : I love you too. And that is why I did this, all you do is care for me and I must care for you.

Taurus : *takes Pisces hand* Really though, you treat me with such respect, and you make me laugh and you always listen. I just want us to be happy forever.

*Later they watch the stars as Taurus listens to all Pisces has to say and Pisces helps her with problems she is facing*

• Not one of my best….this pair is hard to work with, they are a very special and it’s hard to put their love in words.

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