(Capricorn Left And Cancer Right)

(Capricorn Left and Cancer Right, As a couple)

(Capricorn asking Cancer what’s wrong)

(Capricorn realizing she loves Cancer)

(This could either be Cancer or Cap, I imagine them both saying it)

(Sagittarius and Aries on a road trip.)

(Aries and Sagittarius friendship)

(Sagittarius and Aries couple)

(Sagittarius and Aries Cuddling)

(Aries and Sagittarius eating Together)

QuestionCould you please do something with two females? Cancer and Capricorn? :) Answer

This one is after the one before this one. *insert thumbs up*

QuestionHow about a gif set? Aries (f) x Sag (m)? if not that's cool. Answer


(Libra and Scorpio friendship)

(Libra crushing on Scorpio)

(Scorpio and Libra as a couple)

(Scorpio Confessing)

(Scorpio and Libra kiss)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionCould you please do a gif set or anything with a female Aries and any male sign??? Answer

Sure, I have request with Female Aries so just wait for one. =)

(I notice I do a lot of announcements….ANYWAYYY)

I decided, I will only answer 3 or 4 more gif set questions!!! I want my blog to talk about each sign equally, but with people asking I keep getting questions on only a certain number of signs.

Mostly: Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, and Sag.

I’ll still answer some of them, but I choose which ones. Because some of them are super similar. Like instead of Sag F and Leo M make it Leo F Sag M…You guys need to be more creative and ask for different things. I did short stories and all i got were request for short stories! Now this!

I feel like my blog is bad quality now, I used to take my time on everything, now I just rush and rush so everyone is happy. So please make less gif asks. Also if your not on anonymous, there will be a more likely chance I answer it.