• Cancer: oh! I found this cool new place to go to! Wanna go?
  • Capricorn: okay, whatever. Sure
  • Aquarius: whyyyy? I wanna play X boxxxx!!!
  • Pisces: *sighs* I'm too lazy...I don't even want to go..
  • Libra: come on, get dress and just listen to your mom (doesn't want to go either)
  • Pisces: *sighsssss* ughhh
  • Aquarius: wait! I'm playing this game though! Okay, yea, I will! Just wait. I don't want to go!!
  • Cancer: come on! I just want family time! We'll go to the mall afterwards
  • Capricorn: ready.
  • Pisces: really!? Okay I'm getting dressed now! :D
  • (When it's a place they love)
  • (When Aquarius gets there they stop not wanting to and actually love it, if it's a place they love)

(Sagittarius and Aries on a road trip.)

(Aries and Sagittarius friendship)

(Sagittarius and Aries couple)

(Sagittarius and Aries Cuddling)

(Aries and Sagittarius eating Together)

(Libra and Scorpio friendship)

(Libra crushing on Scorpio)

(Scorpio and Libra as a couple)

(Scorpio Confessing)

(Scorpio and Libra kiss)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionCould you please do a gif set or anything with a female Aries and any male sign??? Answer

Sure, I have request with Female Aries so just wait for one. =)

Libra/Aries: Really Cool

Libra/Taurus: Funny, Cool

Libra/Gemini: Kinda all over but Cool

Libra/Cancer: Hard to keep up with all her emotions! But Cool

Libra/Leo: REALLY cool.

Libra/Virgo: Cool I guess.

Libra/Libra: Amazingly Cool.

Libra/Scorpio: Uh………..I’ll say cool so she doesn’t kill me, cool.

Libra/Sagittarius: Cool

Libra/Capricorn: Really cool. She has mean humor but I love it. …..sometimes.

Libra/Aquarius: …..cool?

Libra/Pisces: Too much emotion, but pretty cool.

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Questionlibra and leo females frindship gifs? :) Answer

(I don’t really do full Gif sets with friendships like I do with couples, but here you go!)

(Leo and Scorpio cuddling.)

(Scorpio being reassured by Leo.)

(Scorpio and Leo…Just being Scorpio and Leo, together.)

(Scorpio in a fight with Leo.)

(Scorpio and Leo ad drunken friends.)

(I imagine Leo would be the one on the left)

QuestionHi! Can you do a Sagittarius Male & Leo Female couple gif set please? Answer


^^^^^ Already done.

QuestionThis is my favourite blog, thank you! Answer

Aw! Your welcome!