the-black-fedora asked:

What do you think about a Pisces (f) and an Aries (m)? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!


This is a pretty smooth, calm relationship. They make an uncommon match. They may look like an odd pair but if there is love it will work. They can have an amazing relationship or a bad relationship, nothing in the middle, ever.

Aries likes to be on top and be independent. He would want to be the dominant one in the relationship. Luckily, Pisces has no problem with that. She will let him take charge, she honors and respects him. She is generous and the perfect listener for Aries. She plays a very feminine role. If you don’t want to play “a house wife” then kinda stay away, unless Aries doesn’t care.

Aries will be an extremely loyal, sentimental, foolishly generous, and a kind lover. He will be protective of you and give you the most manly support you could ever think of. He will always be there when for Pisces when she needs him. He will shower her with gestures and attention if he is not worrying about himself.

Since Aries is protective but he loves his freedom, he will want to be out and about but doesn’t really like when Pisces does the same. Also since Pisces is a dreamer if she feels like she is not getting enough attention she will kind of space out, leaving Aries feel left in the dust and unwanted. Pisces may be too all over the place or Aries may be to arrogant and bossy.

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Anonymous asked:

How long have you been studying astrology?

I don’t study astrology professionally or as a career, I just read facts and It stays in my brain. I guess I started getting into astrology a year or maybe two ago. But I just recently started taking it seriously about 4 months ago and really studying it. (As a hobby)

royalheaventhings asked:

How does a relationship between a Virgo( f) and a Scorpio(m) work out? Thanks if you can answer, if you don't I understand.

I’ll answer this very quickly, I give it 4/5 hearts, it is a really good, cherished relationship they both work very hard at. They can have a hard time opening up to each other though.

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